Yard Manager

(#12461) - Wisconsin
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

United Employment Group is seeking a Yard Manager in Wisconsin.


The Yard Manager is responsible for effectively managing the following areas: Yard Operations, Shipping/Dispatch, Equipment and Facility Maintenance, Patching and Etching Operations. All areas are managed at a high level, focusing on efficiency and achieving a low cost, profitable operation. The ability to drive a culture of quality and high performance is a key function of this position. As part of the management team, works collaboratively with all departments to build a strong and productive team. Works effectively as a mentor and coach, sharing knowledge and information to steadily advance the skills of the workforce, to drive the business forward. Leadership, teamwork, and cooperation are critical competencies necessary for success in this position.


Essential Functions and Accountabilities

  • Yard Operations: Has full responsibility for all Yard Operations, including overseeing the Yard Supervisor and crew.  Yard is well organized, efficient, and safe.
  • Shipping/Dispatch: Has full responsibility and ownership for all shipping and dispatch activity, ensuring all is managed in a cost-efficient manner with on-time deliveries.  
  • Product Management: Works with the Production Management team to ensure all processes are adhered to throughout the production operation and are efficient and orderly. Holds all accountable to the set standards.
  • Maintenance: Manages the facility and equipment maintenance and/or repair to ensure company equipment and property are maintained on an ongoing and scheduled basis. All tasks are completed in a quality, safe, and timely manner.  Negotiates best pricing for all parts and outside vendors.    
  • Team Development: Responsible for hiring, performance evaluation, and training of employees in all specific areas of responsibility.  Works alongside Plant Manager, General Manager, and HR to set new policies, procedures, and best practices, ensuring all policies and procedures are enforced, maintained, and up to date.
  • Competencies: Leadership, dedication, problem solving, effective decision making, commitment to continuous improvement, team building and motivation, and profitability are all necessary for success in this position.


Yard Operations
  • Has full responsibility of all Yard Operations, including overseeing the Yard Supervisor and crew.  Holds all Yard employees accountable for following and established procedures.
  • Has direct oversight of finishing and etching, holding the crew responsible for the highest level of architectural finishes.
  • Maintains up-to-date daily visual scheduling boards for areas of responsibility, including Quality Control, etching, finishing, and shipping.
  • Along with Yard Supervisor, plans and schedules daily yard operations for optimal efficiency and profitability of the business, taking into consideration customer demands and scheduling changes.
  • Ensures direct reports follow all established procedures in their area of the yard, including installing lifter caps, using appropriate rigging and proper dunnage, and utilizing primary and secondary bracing, etc.
  • Expands on new yard layout to improve efficiency, organization, and better logistics. 
  • Yard is clean, well-organized, efficient, and safe at all times.
  • Ensures cranes, forklifts, skid steer, loaders, and wash trailer, are maintained daily, cleaned weekly, and all activity is documented.  
  • Ensures that all Road Trailers are not used for washing and are stored in a manner that will prevent damage and assure that maintenance is up to date with DOT standards at all times.   


  • Has full ownership and responsibility for all shipping and dispatch activity.
  • Works well with Project Managers and Erectors to review Sequence List and works with Yard Supervisor to create the Load List for efficient order of shipping.
  • Effectively communicates with customers to create a schedule that meets their needs.
  • Works well with outside trucking firms to meet customer needs and our delivery schedule, negotiating best pricing for all vendors.
  • Trucking should optimize shipping costs with on-time delivery performance, avoiding excess or late trucking fees!
  • Reviews shipping invoices and assures that all demerge charges are brought to managements attention so back charges can be redirected to proper subcontractor.
  • Keeps a Change Order log for all customer or vendor delivery changes to track additional loads, overweight charges, late loads, and demerge charges immediately alerting General Manager and Project Managers.


Production Management/Collaboration
  • Prior to starting new jobs, attends pre-production meeting to ensure key production components including crews and equipment are ready for production.
  • Reviews Daily Production Worksheets sets daily goals.
  • Identifies areas of improvement and implements efficient and cost-effective changes that improve the production flow and operation to increase profitability.
  • Ensuring all checklists for Yard are adhered to, holding all accountable for following the process. 
  • Establishes Lean Manufacturing principles into the workplace to improve flow, productivity, and to reduce cost. Identify areas of waste, as well as opportunities to streamline all operations.  Effectively implements changes based on these opportunities.
  • Works together to optimize crew skill sets by providing cross-training in areas of responsibility.  When necessary, transfer trained staff between areas. 
  • Works collaboratively with management team to develop opportunities for growth and to implement new ideas in areas of responsibility. 
  • Managers are responsible to enforce tool policy that is currently in place, ensuring all employees are held accountable for company-provided tools, per their signed agreement.  Upon termination of employment, all tools are inspected by the manager.  The cost of any missing tools will be deducted from the employees last paycheck per Tool Policy.  


  • Creates and manages an effective maintenance program for equipment and vehicles, ensuring all are in good operating condition. Directs Maintenance Technician to perform all equipment and vehicle maintenance per the established schedule. Creates and maintains a priority list of equipment requiring attention and ensures that it is followed.
  • Hold all employees accountable for taking care of equipment as if it were their own, making sure the disciplinary process is actively used when there is abuse, misuse, or neglect.  Works through disciplinary process with General Manager.    
  • Ensures facility repairs are managed efficiently and in a timely manner through the Maintenance Technician or outside vendor.
  • Negotiates best pricing on parts and repairs.
  • Maintains a log for each vehicle and piece of equipment with regularly scheduled and preventive maintenance or repairs.


Team Development/HR
  • Collaborates with other departments to help enhance all areas of the business, including sales, engineering, estimating, quality, and design, to strategize and build effective and efficient processes. 
  • Along with HR, interviews and hires employees for areas of responsibility, participating in Production hiring as needed. 
  • Ensures all training is documented and in personnel files.
  • Conducts job performance reviews for all direct reports on a regular basis (90 days, annually). Provides effective coaching, guidance, and discipline to employees when needed.  Documentation of all employee/HR discussions are in personnel file. 
  • Sets expectations of crew and ensures job descriptions and responsibilities are explained and understood.  
  • Works with General Manager and HR to provide input into updates to the Employee Handbook.
  • Ensures that ongoing job and quality training is provided to employees to help them perform their jobs effectively.
  • Works to create a fun work culture, one that promotes camaraderie, motivation, and an environment where employees enjoy their jobs and like coming to work.
  • Holds fun events to promote team building.


Competencies Necessary for Success
  • Leadership: Leads by example with confidence and authority. Is an effective communicator at all levels of the organization.  Takes charge of difficult situations.  Demands excellence and holds others accountable to perform at a high level.  Drives quality and improvement throughout the organization, setting high expectations for results.  Is respected and professional. Looks out for the company and has a sense of ownership in all business matters.
  • Commitment and Dedication: Actively strives to achieve objectives, shows a strong sense of personal obligation, and works diligently to go above and beyond expectations.  Is committed to working long hours when necessary and shows a sense of urgency in daily work activities.
  • Problem solving and decision making: Proactively and effectively deals with problems before they escalate, demonstrating perseverance and persistence when operating in stressful situations.  Makes rational, sound, and cost-conscious business decisions based on relevant information, drawing timely conclusions and taking quick and decisive action.  Is not afraid to make unpopular decisions and keeps the company’s best interests in mind.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement: Ensures rigorous measures are in place to promote and maintain quality products.  Identifies and implements new processes and initiatives that help the company meet its objectives.  Leads past the status quo to achieve new levels of excellence. Drives quality within the organization and promotes a quality mindset among the team.
  • Team Building/Motivation: Actively involved in motivating the team and creating a fun and competitive work environment.  Confronts negative attitudes and provides coaching and mentorship to improve morale and create a high-performing and engaged team.  Is committed to the team and its objectives, and works to build strong interpersonal relationships within the team and with all leaders, in order to achieve company-wide goals.    
  • Profitability: Understands the financial levers of the business and acts on them accordingly to drive profitability.  Special emphasis is placed on purchasing of supplies and services, production and operational costs, and quality control expenses. Uses effective negotiation skills and a ‘money on the mind’ approach in all business and purchasing decisions.
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