Quality Control Technician

(#8699) - TN
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers


Responsible maintaining optimized materials mixes as well as designing and testing masonry units for highest quality in all manufacturing plants.

This will include:
1. Testing of materials quality and characteristics
2. Negotiations with suppliers relating to quality
3. Evaluation of manufacturing practices from a quality perspective
4. Development of mix designs that optimize the cost vs quality of masonry units
5. Development of detailed testing and inspection programs that validate the mix designs, alert production of issues with quality at the earliest point possible and insure that no inferior quality units are ever sold
6. Maintain a database of break data on masonry units
7. Prepare submittals for large projects and support the customer with technical information
8. Lead the Company’s response to any quality related problems identified after the sale


  • Preferred to have extensive experience in masonry or concrete QC
  • Degree in Concrete Industry Management a plus
  • ACI Certification
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