Quality Control Technician

(#11512) - Dallas/ Fort Worth Texas Area
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

We are currently seeking a QC Technician for a Precast/ Prestressed Concrete plant in Texas.


Job Description
This position performs and documents Quality Control inspections of all architectural precast concrete products, evaluating pieces for dimensional accuracy, required tolerances and appearance, and assists in interpreting piece tickets for production.

Minimum of 1 year of Precast/ Prestressed Concrete experience required.

Job Requirements
- Performs pre-pour inspection of all forms, reinforcement, steel and inserts, in a timely manner to maintain optimized workflow and assists in finding ways to decrease delays and cause for rework.
- Maintains daily and project production records.
- Checks and verifies all dimensions of cast- in- embeds.
- Completes daily Quality Control documentation.
- Inspects all finished product. Documents and follows- up on any precast product that requires patching or rework.
- Ensures that all precast products are correctly marked.
- Assists other Quality Control personnel as requested.
- Assumes responsibility for maintaining plant and yard safety in accordance with the Safety Manual and the direction of the Safety Coordinator.

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