Quality Control Lead

(#8591) - Florida
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

A PCI Certified Plant in FL is seeking a Quality Control Lead/Supervisor.


The Quality Lead directs and coordinates the Company’s quality control program. This position documents, tests and inspects components and finished products to ensure conformance with given standards and production shop drawings.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Oversight of the Quality Department at the production facility.
  • Plan, schedule and direct all ongoing quality control requirements, including the assignment of personnel and equipment, to complete the necessary quality control measurements and reports.
  • Identification, examination, acceptance, plant testing of materials and subassemblies such as steel plates and their anchorage.
  • Inspect and record tensioning.
  • Inspect beds and forms prior to concrete.
  • Check dimensions of members, number, size and position of tendons, reinforcing steel, other incorporated materials, openings, blockouts, etc.
  • Regular inspection of batching, mixing, placing compaction, finishing and curing of concrete.
  • Preparation of concrete specimens for testing and performance of tests for slump, air content, cylinder strength, aggregate gradations, cement, strand, rebar, etc.
  • Inspect operations of detensioning, product removal from beds, handling and storage.
  • Final inspection of finished product prior to; shipment, e.g. monitoring dimensions, camber, blockouts, embedments and finishes.
  • Inspect products that are purchased from suppliers to ensure conformance with required standards.
  • Maintain and utilize a record keeping system for procedures listed.
  • Prepare quality reports for submission to architects and engineers as required by specifications.
  • Maintain appropriate records and files to comply with all standards of the industry and any certifying agency.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High school graduate or equivalent required.
  • Current ACI & PCI Level I and II Certification. The successful candidate must be able to pass PCI Level III within one year of hire.
  • Ability to read blueprints, production and erection drawings is required.
  • Good communication and leadership skills are essential for this position.
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