QC Manager

(#12291) - California
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

United Employment Group is seeking a QC Manager in California.


The Quality Systems Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing all quality control systems and processes to ensure continuous product manufacturing that meets the company and customer standards. While supervising a team of quality control inspectors and technicians this person will ensure a consistent and blemish free quality product that meets established standards, customer specification and production goals.


  • Prepare, train and enforce Standard Operations Procedures for all Quality Control activities
  • Coordinate quality control activities with Plant Manager, Engineers, and Supervisors to ensure production activities maximize product reliability and reduce rework costs
  • Responsible for the accurate filing and certification of all documents required under statutory compliance and client/customer contractual agreements
  • Investigate and establish a root cause analysis for customer issues and develop the appropriate corrective actions
  • Supervise, train, and guide workers engaged in the inspection and testing activities to ensure high productivity and high technical integrity
  • Demonstrate experience in leadership, problem-solving, creativity, strategic thinking, fostering cooperation and teamwork
  • Notify Plant Manager of any discrepancies production personnel may have
  • Participate in all plant inspections inclusive of management, client and statutory compliance agencies
  • Inspection, observation and documentation of all operations to ensure specified procedures are followed
  • Responsible for preparing, qualifying, and submitting all mix designs used, including self-performing and/or coordinating with outside laboratories to perform all required testing


Key Competensies:
  • Customer Focus: Builds customer confidence, is committed to increasing customer satisfaction, sets achievable customer expectations, assumes responsibility for solving customer problems, ensures commitments to customers are met, solicits opinions and ideas from customers, responds to internal customers
  • Quality: Is attentive to detail and accuracy, is committed to excellence, looks for improvements continuously, monitors quality levels, finds root cause of quality problems, owns/acts on quality problems
  • Leadership: Leads through change and adversity, makes the tough call when needed, builds consensus when appropriate, motivates and encourages others
  • Decision Making/Judgment: Recognizes problems and responds, systematically gathers information, sorts through complex issues, seeks input from others, addresses root cause of issues, makes timely decisions, can make difficult decisions, uses consensus when possible, communicates decisions to others
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