Project Manager

(#7941) - Indiana
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

United Employment Group is seeking a Project Manager in Indiana.


The Project Manager assumes full responsibility for those assigned projects to be undertaken by the company. As the Project Manager, they must integrate and administer the tasks, personnel, and physical resources  necessary to accomplish the timely completion of all contracted construction  projects, within budget and in a high-quality manner.

  • After award of contract, issuance of initial letter of contract requesting project information.
  • Review of contract requirements, computer input sheets, check lists, and project file with project estimator and salesman.
  • Take the lead in assembling the “job folder” making the determination of pertinent information and obtaining required information for completion of an informative and accurate source of information for subsequent use by all departments.
  • Acquisition of most current drawings, addenda and specifications for distribution to engineering/ drafting.
  • Make submittals and obtain necessary approvals of materials, drawings, mix designs, bonds, insurance, schedules, sequences, test reports, etc. as required by the contract documents.
  • Coordination or project meetings with the contractor and designer to facilitate
  • the development of engineering calculations and drafting completion.
  • Establishment of schedules for all phases of the project as determined by consultation with the involved department.
  • Sub-contract for those phases of the work most effectively performed by outside contractors. Assign to company field crews work that is best completed by them.
  • Review drawing submittals for conformance with contract requirements, determining our ability to produce and ability to construct.
  • Obtain shop drawing approval and resolve differences between submitted interpretation of contract documents and reviewed requests and changes.
  • Conduct project and information meetings during the project, as required. Communicating to production special job requirements, finishes, etc.
  • Monitor progress and expenditures versus schedule and bid estimates reporting significant deviations to the General Manager and the involved department manager.
  • Negotiate and obtain approval for change orders and back charges making the appropriate job cost and contract changes.
  • Determine project billings for accounts receivable.
  • Regular product evaluation for quality conformance with requirements throughout production and erection.
  • Supply cost and bid information to estimating on potential projects and change orders.
  • Inform Dispatcher of project schedule requirements and specifics of work required.
  • Act as liaison between the company and the customer/contractor keeping both informed and aware of each other’s requirements.
  • Maintain a running log, by job, of submittals, billings, payments, agreements, changes, memos, discussions, etc. properly documenting for everyone’s reference, these projects inputs.
  • Specific projects or other duties as assigned by the Engineering Manager
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