Maintenance Mechanic

(#7451) - WA
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers


Under the supervision of the Maintenance Superintendent, this position maintains and repairs machinery and equipment.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Ability to properly use Oxygen/acetylene torch
- Ability to arc weld in various positions and types of joints
- Ability to properly use air arc torch
- Ability to properly operate band saws, drills, drill presses, grinders and other shop tools
- Ability to replace or repair bearings and related parts
- Ability to make minor wiring repairs
- Ability to replace equipment parts with proper instructions
- Demonstrate knowledge of plant equipment, location, and name
- Demonstrate knowledge of the safety requirements for performing maintenance on equipment and tools
- Ability to start or jog equipment to perform maintenance tasks
- Ability to read and troubleshoot simple electrical schematics
- Ability to rebuild cylinders and hydraulic valves
- Ability to use a multi-function electrical test meter
- Ability to troubleshoot PLC Input and Output functions
- Ability to layout and fabricate from drawings
- Ability to wire and phase for direction single and three phase motors, starters and relays
- Works with operators and supervisors to solve problem with machinery
- Attends safety meetings and abides by all safety rules set forth by company and governmental regulatory agencies; ensures that hazardous conditions are reported and corrected

Qualifications include:

- High school education or equivalent plus college level math, physics and trigonometry
- Three years welding and machinery maintenance experience required
- Working knowledge of industrial electricity required
- Requires good reading, writing and mathematical skills
- Requires ability to assists with calculations, projections and applications for fabrication and layout
-  Ability to operate forklift, front-end loader, drill press, welders, angle grinders, digital volt meters and any other

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