Location Manager

(#12042) - Iowa
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers

United Employment Group is seeking a Location Manager in Iowa.


Responsible for coordinating, supervising and developing the production, yard, sales and trucking operations and employees. Manage the operating, personnel and equipment costs in accordance with budgeted guidelines. Works cooperatively with the Block Division Vice President, Fleet Manager, Company President and others to achieve business goals.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Has overall responsibility for production scheduling in accordance with inventory and customer requirements.
  • Purchases materials and supplies needed for manufacturing and controls related costs.
  • Maintains and controls required inventory of block and related materials.
  • Conducts inside sales as needed.
  • Oversees and assures yard and production equipment maintenance, cleanliness and safety.
  • Assures that orders, quotes and other job data is loaded promptly and accurately into the computer so that this information is available as needed for reference.
  • Oversees and maintains consistent quality control of manufactured products.
  • Provides management assistance for personnel discrepancies.
  • Participates in and supports safety meetings and training in conjuction with the Safety Manager.
  • Develops customer prospect lists and pursues sales/marketing activities in order to obtain new customers and to increase the level of business from existing customer accounts.
  • Works with prospects and established customers to price and secure orders; and then effectively follows up with sales staff to assure that orders are fulfilled on a timely basis and that customers are well satisfied.
  • Prepares and submits all quotes for Block Division projects in and around surrounding counties. Negotiates sales with customers assuring profit margins, and ensures accounts receivables are collected.
  • Works as a product consultant to contractors, architects and engineers. Effectively communicates and responds to diverse customer environments and needs. Handles customer complaints and problems promptly, and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Maintains current product pricing information and assists all other product line development.
  • Promotes and sells new products as they become introduced. Coordinates and conducts promotional seminars for Block Division products in surrounding area.
  • Maintains current information on the activities and products of competitors and maintains current market share/competitive products information.
  • Works closely with the Block Division Vice President and others to achieve desirable business goals. Participates in business decisions.


Primary Accountabilities:
  • Lead by example – ensure there is adequate staffing in order to serve our customers as well as be effective as a team. Be involved in the community we live in and the industry we serve by taking part in community projects and organizations. Additionally, be a part of industry organizations to stay abreast of trends as well as maintain and develop networking opportunities.
  • Fiduciary Duty - Responsible for all financial obligations including but not limited to: A/R and those collections, annual sales forecast for budget, preparation for annual capital expenditure list for ownership, study P&L to ascertain improvements to the bottom line.
  • Responsibility to Ownership – Carry out and enforce the policies from ownership and the corporate staff. Effectively communicate with ownership anything that may deviate from any policies or procedure. Operate the facility in a diligent and responsible manner to ensure the profitability of the location.
  • Facility and Resource Management – Provide a physical facility that is presentable to the public and our customers. Provide safe structure and grounds for the location team along with proper equipment.


Qualifications Required:
  • Requires a high school education and some post high school business classes with several years of experience handling responsibilities in a block production and distribution business environment.
  • Must exhibit a high level of understanding concerning block production standards, procedures and equipment and of related trucking operations.
  • Must have experience managing a sales team and developing customer relationships
  • Must have effective employee supervision and development skills including good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be able to work under pressure with tight schedules and stressful situations.
  • Must be well organized and have good math and basic financial management abilities. Must be a good listener and problem solver, able to make and carry out decisions.
  • Must be able to read and understand production equipment manuals and product specifications, product quality requirements, and production costing issues.
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