Block Plant Superintendent

(#11557) - California
Industry: Concrete Block, and Pavers

United Employment Group is seeking a Block Plant Superintendent in CA.


Under the supervision of the Plant Manager, this position oversees and directs the day to day operations of the Block Plant. This includes managing employee scheduling, coordinating production scheduling and quality efforts, overseeing maintenance, and ensuring safety measures are practiced and maintained. Performs other duties as assigned.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Employee Schedule - Schedules all Block Plant employees.

  • Coordinates vacations, individual schedules, and other events such as FMLA, sick leave, and personal leave, etc.
  • Creates a flexible employee schedule to meet the production schedule.  Typical shifting is 2-10 hour shifts 5 days a week for half the year and approximately 6 days a week for half the year-as determined by supply and demand.
  • Regular attendance is required.
  • Production Schedule-Coordinates directly with the production scheduler.
  • Optimizes the production schedule by using a working knowledge of product characteristics such as color, curing, splitting and other key aspects.
  • Schedules mold maintenance personnel to ensure molds are ready for production.

Molds - Applies historical data and best practices to maintain a successful mold program.

  • Gains a tremendous working knowledge of molds and mold parts to ensure parts are ordered as needed when needed.
  • Develops key relationships with vendors.
  • Builds a sound working knowledge of mold components in terms of tolerances and function to ensure molds can produce to Quality Standards.

Quality - Pursues and applies a comprehensive knowledge of Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

  • Ensures key standards such as absorption and compression are met.
  • Ensures product colors and blends are accurate and repeatable.
  • Develops and maintains processes and procedures that organize and update mix designs, machine settings, and numerous other equipment settings.

Curing - Gains a comprehensive working knowledge of curing.

  • Develops key relationships with vendors to maintain high service levels.
  • Understands and applies curing science to ensure different products receive the proper cure cycle.
  • Oversees the maintenance and proper working condition of all components from the vapor generator to the roll up doors.
  • Responsible for daily monitoring and evaluation of the curing system to determine effectiveness and to identify problems or to develop trends.

Maintenance - Oversees the internal maintenance program while coordinating with the external maintenance program.

  • Develops and maintains key preventative and predictive maintenance programs.
  • Determines when maintenance will be performed.
  • Develops key relationships with numerous vendors to ensure ongoing support and service is available.
  • Coordinates routine maintenance and large projects with the overall site maintenance and scheduling.
  • Oversees any annual rebuilds by planning, scheduling, and coordinating with the Maintenance Department.
  • Works closely with the Maintenance Department to write, assign, and follow up on all maintenance related projects and work orders.

Parts - Develops a comprehensive parts knowledge of all components in the plant.

  • Oversee the request, purchase, storage, organization and status of parts.
  • Continuous Education-Oversees the Continuous Education efforts of all operators, cubers, and forklift drivers at the Tiger plant.
  • Continuous Improvement-Oversees efforts to identify, recommend, and implement improvements in areas such as safety, moral, equipment, processes, and quality.

Safety - Leads weekly huddles and establishes the agenda.

  • With the assistance of the site Safety Coordinator, ensures people have received proper training on various processes and pieces of equipment.
  • Attends safety meetings and abides by all safety rules set forth by company and governmental regulatory agencies; ensures that hazardous conditions are reported and corrected.

Financial - Assists in defined monthly financial aspects of the plant.

  • Understands and applies best practices as it relates to labor, parts, molds, and maintenance spending.
  • Maintains and explains budgets as they relate to molds, maintenance, and labor.
  • Daily Reporting-Ensures various daily reporting activities are met.
  • Production Reports
  • Time Keeping Reports
  • Culture and Morale-
  • Holds performance reviews with employees.
  • Attends safety meetings and abides by all safety rules and ensures that hazardous conditions are reported and corrected.

Machine Operation - Due to the nature of unplanned events, operating and filling in on the equipment, line, and forklift is reasonable to expect.

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