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concrete pipe

Concrete Jobs recruiter Daniel Soria has been building relationships with the top companies and candidates in the Concrete Pipe Industry.  Our specialized knowledge of the industry has allowed Daniel to help many companies locate those “hard to find” candidates with specific skills and experience. 

Concrete Jobs has filled many positions at the President and Vice President Level, Operations, Plant and Production Managers, Floor Supervisors and Machine Operators, Maintenance, and Sales Managers and Representatives.

Equipment Types: Hawkeye, Pedershaab, ViHi, Packerhead, Besser, McCracken, Hydrotile, BiDi, Vi-Hi, MBK Cage Machines

Concrete Jobs is a long-time member of the ACPA.

Whether you are trying to fill a position, or looking for a new opportunity, Concrete Jobs can help you achieve results in your search.

Contact Dan Soria  if you have any questions.

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