Quality Assurance Manager

(#7444) - Upper Midwest
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

QA Manager ready to build a strong team and promote safety culture!


The Quality Assurance Manager has full ownership of the Quality Control Department functions, and is responsible for providing sound leadership and direction, while instilling a “Culture of Quality and Safety.” This is accomplished by promoting and modeling an employee driven quality and hazard controlled environment. The QA Manager will build and implement QC processes that facilitate the production of high quality architectural and structural precast concrete products.  By utilizing a high level of experience and sound judgment, a strong and ongoing focus on continuous improvement is a key component of responsibility.  The QA Manager works closely with the production and engineering departments to prevent problems from occurring and to solve them when they do occur.


• QUALITY CONTROL:  Builds, implements and directs all Quality Control activity to ensure all standards are met and procedures and policies are adhered to, resulting in the production of high quality architectural and precast concrete products.

• PROFITABILITY AND GROWTH: Responsible for leading the Quality Control function to achieve a low cost, profitable operation, building a fast paced team culture, and a profitable, growing company.  Works with the management team to drive added market growth and capitalize on facility improvements.

• TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Responsible for hiring, performance evaluation, and training of QC personnel.  Works with the General Manager and Human Resources to set new policies, procedures, and best practices, ensuring all policies and procedures are enforced.

• TEAM COLLABORATION:  Works closely with department leaders throughout the company to strategize and build effective and efficient processes.

• SAFETY:  Keeps safety at the forefront of all operations, modeling the “safe way” and ensures all policies and safety and/or environmental procedures are in place and enforced. Ensures any outside agency reporting is completed in an accurate and timely fashion.


• Leads, directs, and has full ownership over the Quality Department, using experience and sound judgment to ensure production of high quality architectural and structural precast concrete products, including inspection, sampling, and testing. 
• Builds and initiates specific, thorough and complete QC processes in the following areas, creating a “quality minded” approach to all production activity, including accountability for enforcement: 
o Buildings 1, 2, 3
o Patching
o Etching
o “Weather Proof” Mix Designs
o Samples
o Equipment Calibration
• Works to build a “quality minded” workforce in all areas of the company, focusing on continual growth and improvement of QC processes on an ongoing basis. 
• Coordinates objectives with Production procedures in cooperation with others to maximize product reliability and minimize costs.
• Ensures that all aspects of Quality are in accordance with Company policies, goals, and PCI Standards.   
• Prepares company for Precast Concrete Institute Audit every 6 months. 
• Meets regularly with employees to discuss Quality improvements and communicate Quality expectations.
• Holds all employees accountable for knowing and understanding the Quality process and implementing it into all production activity.
• Proactively coordinates objectives with Production and Quality procedures in cooperation with other departments to maximize reliability and minimize costs. 
• Directs Quality control inspections and testing activities to ensure continuous control over materials, facilities, and products.
• Conducts research and development as needed.
Pre-Production Phase:  Build, implement and direct coordination of: 
• Involvement in pre-production meeting(s) with engineering staff.
• Participate in casting of mock-up panel.
• Review orders-to-proceed and erection drawings of upcoming jobs, noting any unusual details, communicating information to production teams.
• Submit concrete mix designs.

Production Phase:  Build, implement and direct coordination of:   
• Checking Process:
o Pre-pour Inspections – step by step process implementation and accountability
o Post-pour Inspections – step by step process implementation and accountability
• Embed Inspection
• Fresh, Cured, and Absorption Testing
• Aggregate and Cement Receiving
• Tracks sample fabrication
• Reviews stressing calculations
• Inspects panels in the yard, noting appearance and overall quality, making sure needed repairs are made.
• Work with production daily on improving overall Quality by communicating observations.
• Provide support to Engineering Department as required.
• Reviews drawings of pieces to be produced daily.
• Keeps records of all materials received, panels produced, and Quality Control reports. 
• Track and log all defects in R/D Log to find patterns and address accordingly with Production Manager.
• Respond to internal and external customer or engineering requests.


• Ensures daily productivity and efficiencies are achieved to result in a low cost operation.
• Participate in ensuring profitability for all production areas, achieving or exceeding expected daily/monthly/annual goals determined by management. 
• Works with Owner and leadership team to develop opportunities for growth, bringing in new ideas on panels and other precast products. 


• Along with HR, interviews and hires employees for the QC department, ensuring we are building a team of top talent. 
• Maintains training and job performance reviews on a regular basis.  Provides guidance and discipline of employees when needed. Maintains documentation of all employee discussions and reviews in employee personnel files.
• Optimizes crew skill sets to work cross-discipline in the QC area and make changes as necessary.
• Sets and communicates clear quality expectations, and promotes understanding that quality is built into product manufacturing.
• Work closely with Plant/Production and Operations Manager to determine ongoing quality issues, so they can be addressed appropriately.        
• Ensure that ongoing training is provided to employees to perform their duties, and that all training is documented.
• Works with management to set new policies and procedures, best practices, ensuring that all are enforced.

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