Project Manager

(#7889) - Midwest
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

Project Manager for prominent Midwest producer to oversee commercial precast structures.


1. Takeover project from Sales Dept. after verbal acceptance or letter of intent has been received. (Sales Kickoff Meeting)
2. Obtain and disperse mix designs, samples, and mockups to general contractors and architects.
3. Compile and distribute schedules for submittals, engineering, production, and erection.
4. Monitor the progress of submittals.
5. Coordinate with general contractors and erectors for delivery and erection of materials and product.
6. Monitor proper billing schedule and retainage percentage.
7. Review and follow status of contract.
8. Assure long lead-time items are ordered in a timely fashion, (Form liner, brick, granite, epoxy material, etc.)
9. Review project specifications.
10. Assure all submitted items are approved and documented by the appropriate authorities.
11. Monitor jobsites to assure Contractor’s requested milestone dates are realistic and viable.
12. Lead and document timely pre-submittal meetings.
13. Attend all progress meetings with our required sub-contractors.
14. Review and follow up on RFIs, change orders, and billing.
15. Review and critique production for necessary improvements.
16. Monitor production timetables to assure on time delivery of materials and product.
17. Monitor product status reports for field repairs.
18. Assure all our subcontractors are under contract as soon as possible.
19. Acquire final erection sequence from erector and disseminate to scheduling, production and delivery personnel.
20. Determine from erector the planned quantity of pieces to erect per day.
21. Acquire, review, and distribute foundation and erection material lists.
22. Determine truck ingress/egress routing.
23. Acquire (rent) required staging areas.
24. Document and photograph erection process. (Through Field Supervisor)
25. Acquire repair details from engineering and order repair material, as needed. (Through Field Supervisor)
26. Maintain daily field reports including; pieces erected, problems encountered, weather and site conditions. (Through Field Supervisor)
27. Report quality of product to all concerned parties at staff meetings or as issues arise.
28. Schedule with Field Supervisor personnel the patching and repairs required, along with problem resolutions.
29. Maintain the Project File with letters, emails, and faxes.
30. Maintain accurate and detailed records.
31. Review any change orders and backcharges for validity and issue change orders, as required, to our sub-contractors.
32. Review and approve all sub-contractor billings.
33. Follow up on collections throughout the project until final payment has been received.
34. Review and coordinate architect’s punchlist.
35. Compile and submit all close out documents.
36. Attend weekly staff meetings.
37. Other duties as assigned.

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