Office Manager

(#10948) - Southeast US
Industry: Precast & Prestressed Concrete

PCI Certified Plant seeking Office/Business Manager to oversee several functions within the organization


With the help of a staff, the business/accounting manager will play an important role in understanding the company's manufacturing process and how production, purchasing, accounts payable, safety/equipment, and human resources are integrated in that process.

These are some specific duties the Business/Accounting Manager and its staff are responsible for:

• Payroll and HR functions, including but not limited to, the entry of time, new hire employee packets and enrollments, payroll reconciliation and distribution, raises in pay, safety infractions, managing attendance records, employee disciplinary program, coding invoices, and general human resources tasks.
• Work with other team members of management to administer the manufacturing processes such as production and shipping of materials, cost reports, and reconciliations
• Purchase of materials and products will consist of issuing all purchase orders, monitoring purchasing of all employees, petty cash, and making sure sufficient quotes and job distributions are noted.
• Accounts payable will consist of management of purchase orders and delivery tickets, quotes, and accounting distribution.
• The Business Manager will also be involved with the management and implementation of the safety program of the company, workers compensation, and other insurance issues.
• The Business Manager also monitors equipment usage, preventative maintenance, and coding equipment invoices.

Preferred: Bachelors degree in Accounting, Business Management, Construction Management, Business Administration, or equivalent experience

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